KANSAS CITY — Temperatures are rising as summer approaches, and restaurants are offering new cold beverages, smoothies and frozen treats to help consumers keep cool.

For consumers who want fruit-flavored refreshment, Sonic is serving Transformers-themed slushes featuring such fruit flavor combinations as cherry and blue raspberry, and orange and grape, while Dairy Queen is debuting the Misty Slush in such fruit flavors as cherry, blue raspberry, grape, strawberry kiwi and lemon lime. Jamba Juice is serving two new smoothies featuring watermelon, and Jack in the Box is unveiling Jumpin’ Jack Splash, a beat-the-heat beverage featuring lemonade mixed with cherry, lime and raspberry flavors.

For those seeking a caffeinated cooldown, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is launching a trio of new blended beverages: Cold Brew Ice Blended, Cookies & Cream Ice Blended and Single Origin Mocha Ice Blended. Dunkin’ Donuts is also offering new cold coffee offerings: S’mores flavored iced and frozen coffees.

For those desiring a dessert to dodge the heatwave, A&W Restaurants is offering the new Peanut Butter Shake. The frozen treat is made with Reese’s peanut butter sauce.

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