Water, water everywhere

From cactus water to chlorophyll water, hydration innovation is flooding the specialty food marketplace. Exhibitors at the Summer Fancy Food Show are discovering new mineral-rich sources and even fine-tuning the formula for H2O. Oxigen water from Formula Four Beverages contains 100 times more oxygen than regular water, offering a natural boost of energy, according to the company. Hyedge, Inc. offers HFactor hydrogen-infused water, which the company claims improves circulation, reduces inflammation and promotes muscle recovery.


Tanzamaji USA markets “prehistoric water” sourced from Lake Tanganyika, which due to its depth has remained pure and uncontaminated for millions of years, according to the company. Another new brand featured at the show is PLNT Water, which offers hemp-infused waters in varieties including turmeric and ginger, mint and matcha, and pineapple and chamomile.


“Plant-based is driving a lot of innovation in the category,” Ms. Purcell said. “Coconut water is going strong for sure, but now we’re seeing more and varied waters.”

Other enhanced waters on display include organic birch water from Sapp Inc. and a range of rose water beverages from H2Rose.