Souping is the new juicing

Ready-to-drink soup is gaining steam as consumers seek convenient nutrition. Brands including Zupa Noma, Tio Gazpacho and Mucho Gazpacho are marketed as lower-sugar alternatives to cold-pressed juices. Offering a twist on the trend is Seawater Food and Beverage, the maker of Zumo Gazpacho featuring purified seawater, which enhances natural flavors and adds salt and trace minerals to food, according to the company.


The new Drinkable Veggies line from Bonafide Provisions combines organic vegetables with bone broth into a chilled, bottled beverage. Fawen Drinkable Soup from Famleigh Inc. is organic and vegan. Varieties include beet and cabbage with cumin, broccoli and cauliflower with turmeric, and sweet potato and red lentil with cinnamon.

“We’re seeing more and more drinkable vegetables, whether it’s a gazpacho you would drink as a smoothie rather than a soup or an actual green juice,” Ms. Purcell said.