Alternatives for all

Innovative vegan offerings bring mainstream appeal to a niche category. At Summer Fancy Food, Little Red Dot Kitchen is introducing Eggplant Baconess Bak Kwa, a vegan version of its signature meat snacks, which were inspired by a traditional grilled Singapore and Malaysian street food. The product features thinly sliced eggplant that is oven roasted with the flavors of smoked paprika, brown sugar and chili pepper.


Debuting from Ozery Bakery are Vegan Brioche Bites made with algae instead of butter, milk and eggs. These swaps result in a product with less saturated fat and sugar and more fiber compared with standard brioche, according to the company.

City Saucery has unveiled Tomato ‘Nduja, a meatless version of a traditional spicy pork spread from Italy. Made with tomatoes and chili peppers, the thick paste adds heat, flavor and umami to a dish, according to the company.

A range of vegan mousses from Mud is made with organic ingredients, including coconut cream, dates and cashews. Flavors include chocolate, vanilla and coffee.