Minus the Moo, Summer Fancy Food Show 2017

An alternative to dairy alternatives

Katy Flannery and Gwen Burlingame, a pair of Boston-based entrepreneurs and former college roommates, launched Minus the Moo, a brand of premium, lactose-free ice cream in flavors including chocolate, vanilla, mint chip, espresso and sea salt chocolate chip.

Unsatisfied with dairy-free alternatives in the marketplace, Ms. Flannery, who is lactose-intolerant, developed the formulation using real milk and cream plus a key ingredient, lactase enzyme.

“I love ice cream and was so tired of substitutes that didn’t taste like the real thing,” said Ms. Flannery, who attended the Penn State Ice Cream Course. “Like so many people, I grew up eating delicious, creamy premium ice cream with interesting flavors.  I wanted the opportunity to enjoy that again and knew there was a solution.”