Paleo and Fodmap diet products, IFT food trends


Body in tune

The concept of personalized nutrition is taking hold as consumers experiment with specific diets, such as paleo or low-FODMAP, while increasingly seeking functional ingredients, including protein and probiotics.

“There continues to be a huge trend of protein added,” Ms. Nielsen said, citing strong growth of protein claims in categories such as cereals, dairy, ready meals, snacks and meat, fish and eggs.

Meanwhile, free-from innovation continues to climb, she said. Dairy-free yogurt is considered healthy by 55% of U.S. consumers. The paleo diet is driving new product development, with global launches growing 35% in 2016.

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Hellman's Carefully Crafted, IFT food trends


Plain sophistication

Food and beverage launches with a craft positioning increased by 15% in 2015, seen in such categories as confectionery, bakery and soft drinks. Even big brands are adding artisanal touches to everyday products, Ms. Nielsen noted, citing as an example Hellmann’s Carefully Crafted dressing and sandwich spread.

Manufacturers also are showcasing sophistication with the use of specific flavors, such as Mexican lime, or unique combinations like tomato and basil in a yogurt. From PepsiCo, Pepsi Cola 1893 Ginger Cola highlights the brand’s original recipe formulation.