OAK BROOK, ILL. — The McDonald’s Corp. announced this week that it would become the first national chain to adopt the Marine Stewardship Council’s blue eco-label on its fish packaging as part of a decade-long commitment to sustainable fish sourcing. The announcement coincides with the February launch of Fish McBites, breaded pieces of Alaska Pollock packaged in three sizes.

“McDonald’s collaboration with the Marine Stewardship Council is a critical part of our company’s journey to advance positive environmental and economic practices in our supply chain,” said Dan Gorsky, senior vice-president of U.S. supply chain and sustainability. “We’re extremely proud of the fact that this decision ensures our customers will continue to enjoy the same great taste and high quality of our fish with the additional assurance that the fish they are buying can be traced back to a fishery that meets MSC’s strict sustainability standard.”

The certification indicates that more than 14,000 McDonald’s restaurants nationwide have met the council’s standard to track the fish through the supply chain back to the fishery.

“Through this partnership with McDonald’s, millions of McDonald’s U.S. customers each day have an opportunity to recognize and reward sustainable fishing practices that not only preserve fish stocks, but support seafood industry livelihoods and communities that depend on fishing,” said Rupert Howes, chief executive of the council.

Fish McBites will be available for a limited time in 3-oz, 5-oz and 10-oz sizes and as an entree option in the Happy Meal.