KANSAS CITY — The growing popularity of yogurt as a better-for-you snack option has cultured innovation in the space, from clean label options to decadent flavors to topped varieties.

Clean ingredients are the highlight of DanoneWave’s new yogurt offerings: Dannon Light & Fit Greek Nonfat Yogurt with Zero Artificial Sweeteners and Dannon Light & Fit Regular Nonfat Yogurt with Zero Artificial Sweeteners. The yogurts are sweetened with stevia leaf extract and cane sugar and contain no artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors or preservatives.

Flavia Galvao, Dannon
Flavia Galvao, senior marketing director for Light & Fit.

“These new offerings from Light & Fit are another way we are helping to provide consumers with the nutritious food choices they are asking for,” said Flavia Galvao, senior marketing director for Light & Fit. “We’re now offering yogurt fans the same nonfat, creamy, smooth and flavorful products they’ve come to know and seek out, minus the artificial ingredients, so those looking for a smart-calorie solution with a lot of nutrition and no artificial sweeteners can snack mindfully and deliciously.”

The Hain Celestial Group’s new yogurt line is focused on decadent flavors. The company’s Greek Gods brand is launching a new yogurt line, Seriously Indulgent Yogurt. Made with whole milk and cream, the single-serve yogurts come in four flavors: lemon, marionberry, raspberry ginger and tart cherry.

Basel Nassar, Hain Celestial
Basel Nassar, c.o.o. of Hain Refrigerated Foods

“Customers have long enjoyed and sought out The Greek Gods brand for our indulgent products and decadent flavor profiles,” said Basel Nassar, chief operating officer of Hain Refrigerated Foods. “The Seriously Indulgent Yogurt is not just an expansion on our current products but a new taste experience.”

Toppings and texture are the highlights of Noosa Yoghurt’s new line of yogurt combined with crunchy toppings called Noosa Mates. The yogurts are available in five varieties: coconut almond chocolate, banana chocolate peanut, honey cranberry almond, honey pretzel peanut, and maple ginger.

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