CENTENNIAL, COLO. — Penford Food Ingredients has launched PenNovo 00 starch for food coatings and bakery applications. To make the starch, the company used PenNovo, a new proprietary technology that creates enzyme-treated starches.

“The multifaceted PenNovo 00 is ideal for both food coatings and the bakery market,” said John Randall, president of Centennial-based Penford Food Ingredients. “Whether it makes the perfect crispy french fries, or gives baked goods extra moisture and gloss, this starch adds a new dimension to Penford’s vast portfolio.”

When used for food coatings, PenNovo 00 is recommended for potatoes, mushrooms, onions, bone-in poultry, formed poultry, shrimp and seafood. It provides crispy texture, extended hold time, a tender bite, high solubility, a bland flavor and low viscosity, according to Penford Food Ingredients.

In baked foods, PenNovo 00 has been shown to work as a replacement for egg whites in gluten-free products, a volume enhancer and an egg wash replacer. Recommended applications include bread, muffins, bagels, pancakes, waffles, cookies, cakes and gluten-free items. It has been shown to increase volume by up to 25% and to assist in moisture retention. As an egg wash replacer, PenNovo 00 provides benefits in glaze and a smooth and glossy appearance.