Tru Shrimp, Ralco
Trū Shrimp Co. is a producer of sustainable and traceable shrimp.

MARSHALL, MINN. — Schwan’s Co. has formed a strategic partnership with Ralco affiliate the Trū Shrimp Co., a producer of sustainable and traceable shrimp. The partnership was created to “help propel in-land shrimp production forward,” the companies said. As part of the partnership, Schwan’s Co. is making an investment in the Trū Shrimp Co. Terms of the partnership were not disclosed.

Dimitrios Smyrnios, Schwan Foods Co.
Dimitrios Smyrnios, c.e.o. of Schwan’s Co.

“We have been watching with great interest the concept and the progress that was being made by Trū Shrimp,” said Dimitrios Smyrnios, chief executive officer of Schwan’s Co. “At Schwan’s, we are intrigued and excited about the possibilities of in-land shrimp production and view this as an excellent opportunity to provide consumers with a predictable and traceable supply of nutritious shrimp.”

To begin their cooperation, the companies will renovate available manufacturing space in Marshall owned by Schwan’s and convert it into Schwan’s first shrimp processing facility. Trū Shrimp also is planning to locate a shrimp hatchery in Marshall.

Michael Ziebell, Tru Shrimp, Ralco
Michael Ziebell, c.e.o. of Trū Shrimp

“The Schwan’s Co. investment completes the capital footing of Trū Shrimp and fuels our plans to full speed,” said Michael Ziebell, c.e.o. of Trū Shrimp. “Work is progressing on every aspect leading to the production and marketing of safe and abundant shrimp.”