KANSAS CITY — C.P.G. companies are incorporating more vegetables into their products to appeal to consumers pursuing healthier diets.

Kraft Heinz is infusing its Capri Sun with vegetables with its new reformulated and rebranded Capri Sun Fruit & Veggie Blends. The juice pouches offer ½ cup of fruit and vegetable juices per serving and are available in three flavors: Apple Sweet Potato Smash, Berry Carrot Blast and Punch Carrot Craze.

Nissin Food Products Co. Ltd. is adding more vegetables to its instant noodle cup offerings with its new line of Cup Noodles Very Veggie, containing one full serving of vegetables per cup. Available in chicken, spicy chicken and beef flavors, the cups will feature a mix of edamame, carrots, broccoli, corn, green beans, cabbage, red bell peppers and tomatoes, depending on the variety.

“We believe in listening to our consumers, and following our recipe change last year, the No. 1 consumer request was more vegetables — so that’s what we’ve done,” said Leslie Mohr, vice-president of marketing for Nissin Foods USA. “We’ve taken our beloved Cup Noodles product and kept the noodle amount the same — we’ve just added more vegetables. We all know we need to be eating more vegetables, and we’re thrilled to be rolling out a product that allows consumers to do that easily.”

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