Fundraising and the value of entrepreneurship

Otis Spunkmeyer was founded by someone who believed in giving back. So it was no wonder that in 2005, the brand became a dominant player in the fundraising business, selling its cookie dough in school and sports fundraisers.

“I love that we work in fundraising, where kids can become entrepreneurs and sell and support their schools with Otis Spunkmeyer frozen cookie dough,” said Charice Grace, brand director, Otis Spunkmeyer.

The fundraising business is clearly part of the brand’s philanthropic nature, but teaching kids the value of entrepreneurship is a natural side effect. In 2015, Otis Spunkmeyer worked with a school in Oregon that designed a contest where students could create their own cookie company using Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough purchased by the school. “We had the kids take our frozen cookie dough, and they did recipe hacks to invent their own cookies based on Otis Spunkmeyer,” Ms. Grace said.

Otis Spunkmeyer representatives came to the school to judge the products and awarded students with a few items such as computers, which they had identified as needs in the school. “It wasn’t our fundraising business per se, but it was a learning project that the school asked us to participate in,” Ms. Grace said. “It was a great event to be a part of, and the whole school got behind it.”