The Denny’s restaurant chain has attracted considerable media attention with its “Always Open” video series, posted periodically on a web site targeting younger viewers. The campaign has a number of elements that may strike a chord with a baking industry looking for relevance with a new generation of consumers.

Conceived by alumni of the Saturday Night Live television show, the series features interviews between comedian David Koechner (S.N.L., “Anchorman” and “The Office”) and television and media celebrities. The improvisational interviews take place over a meal in a Denny’s restaurant.

Like baking companies, Denny’s must balance its need to connect with younger consumers while not alienating its large boomer constituency. The edgy (off color would be accurate at times) videos may not go over well with the older crowd but have been a hit on (the entire series may be found on

Cost concerns also hold appeal for Denny’s (and bakers). The clips are not broadcast on network television, and no direct endorsement of the chain is made in the interviews, which help keep overall costs down. For bakers trying to shake a stodgy image with younger consumers, ideas abound in the new age, new media tack taken by Denny’s.