KANSAS CITY — Mug cakes started as an idea circulating on social media for consumers wanting to make a single serving of their favorite dessert. Now, the concept has morphed into a movement, inspiring C.P.G. brands to innovate in the single-serve dessert category. Pinnacle Foods, Inc. debuted its Duncan Hines “Perfect Size for One” baking mixes in early 2017, and now a year later companies such as General Mills, Miss Jones Baking Co. and Cherryvale Farms are following suit.

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General Mills, Inc.’s Betty Crocker brand is joining the mug cake movement with its new line of Betty Crocker Mug Treats. The products feature single-serve mixes with toppings such as frosting or glaze in eight varieties: triple chocolate cake mix with fudge frosting, rainbow chip cake mix with rainbow mix topping, chocolate peanut butter brownie with peanut butter topping, hot fudge brownie with fudge topping, cinnamon roll cake mix with cream cheese icing, soft-baked chocolate chip cookie mix with fudge topping, chocolate caramel cake mix with caramel topping and blueberry muffin mix with cream cheese glaze.

Miss Jones Baking Co. also is launching a new line of single-serve sweets called Desserts-in-a-Cup. Packaged in microwavable cups, the desserts take 30 to 40 seconds to bake and contain 150 to 250 calories each. The Cake-in-a-Cup products are available in vanilla, warm double chocolate, confetti pop and chocolate chip varieties. The line also includes a chocolate chip Cookie-in-a-Cup and fudgy brownie Brownie-in-a-Cup. The individually-portioned desserts are free of artificial dyes, artificial flavoring and G.M.O.s.

“It’s important to us, personally, to feel good about what we’re eating and feeding to our families and friends,” said Sarah Jones, founder and chief executive officer of Miss Jones Baking Co. “It’s got to taste good. And it can’t have a ton of junk in it. We want to bring that homemade, from-scratch taste of Miss Jones to our consumers in an even more convenient way with microwavable Desserts-in-a-Cup. I got into the baking business to disrupt the status quo with organic mixes and frostings. Our team has done that, and now it’s time for the next disruption.”

Cherryvale Farms, Inc. is putting a plant-based spin on microwavable instant mug cake mixes with its new Instant Indulgence line. The mixes are 100% plant-based, egg-free, dairy-free, nut-free and from preservatives and artificial colors and flavors. Varieties include Rich Chocolate Brownie In A Minute, Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake In A Minute and Birthday Cake In A Minute.

Click to view a slideshow of new products.