DALLAS — Rocky Mountain High Brands, Inc., marketer of health and wellness products, has acquired Phoenix-based BFIT Brands, L.L.C., maker of whey protein and energy drink FitWhey. The transaction includes all the assets, trademarks, intellectual property and ongoing business operations of BFIT, which filed a Form 8-K with the Securities and Exchange Commission on July 27. Financial terms were not disclosed.

FitWhey is a water-based protein drink combined with caffeine and vitamin B. Made with nine total ingredients, the beverage offers 20 grams of whey isolate protein and 150 mg of caffeine per 100-calorie bottle. FitWhey is naturally sweetened, flavored and colored and comes in four flavors: berry, lemonade, orange cream and grape.

“Strategic acquisitions are a key part of our business plan,” said Michael Welch, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Rocky Mountain High Brands. “We leverage areas where we have unique competitive strengths. FitWhey is our first strategic acquisition of an operating brand. It is a great brand in rapidly growing channels — fitness and nutrition. The acquisition of FitWhey and its distribution network strengthens Rocky Mountain High Brands’ position in a key growth market. FitWhey brings new sales channels to the company, including nutrition stores, convenience stores, and fitness clubs. FitWhey’s strong presence in the Desert Southwest will support brick and mortar expansion of our HEMPd product line, our Eagle Spirit Spring Water, and our Rocky Mountain High beverages into this dynamic market.”

BFIT Brands founder Erik Rothchild launched FitWhey in 2016 as a revamped version of his original offering called WheyUp, which debuted in 2006. When WheyUp’s parent company Shadow Beverages and Snacks underwent bankruptcy in 2015, Mr. Rothchild secured funding from a friend to launch BFIT Brands. Now, Mr. Rothchild will join the Rocky Mountain High Brands team.

“We are excited that the founder/c.e.o. of FitWhey, Erik Rothchild, will be joining our team,” Mr. Welch said. “Erik created FitWhey based on a need for a product with protein and caffeine to maximize performance, both during and after workouts. He is the driving force behind FitWhey and will be an important part of our efforts going forward. Erik has eleven years of experience in the ready-to-drink protein category.”