BATTLE CREEK, MICH. — Kellogg Co. is launching Off the Grid, a new brand of protein-packed frozen waffles “created to deliver a hearty and wholesome breakfast experience within any healthful lifestyle," said Laura Newman, marketing director of Off the Grid at Kellogg.

Off the Grid waffles are made with soy protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, whole wheat flour, egg whites, hemp seeds and cage-free eggs. Each two-waffle serving delivers 12 grams of “complete protein,” Kellogg said.

“Proteins are made up of amino acids — there are 20 that your body uses — but there are 9 that are considered essential because your body doesn’t make or store them naturally, so you must get them through your daily diet,” said Sarah Ludmer, registered dietitian and director of wellbeing for Kellogg. “When protein contains all nine essential amino acids in the right amounts, it’s considered complete protein. With complete protein you’re fully fueling yourself and your possibilities.”

Available in vanilla buttermilk, cinnamon brown sugar and wild blueberry flavors, the waffles are Non-GMO Project verified and made with 100% whole grains. The vanilla buttermilk and cinnamon brown sugar flavors contain 230 calories per serving, while the blueberry variety contains 220.

Kellogg Eggo Thick & Fluffy French Toast“With Off the Grid, we wanted to give consumers something more, something different,” Ms. Newman said. “Crafting waffles with complete protein was very intentional for us — so that we could offer protein that is valuable to our bodies. We also know high protein food doesn't always deliver on taste, so we took huge care in ensuring the food experience delivers in a way that means you don't have to compromise.”

Off the Grid waffles are slated to hit the freezer aisle beginning in June.

Kellogg Co. is further bolstering its breakfast offerings in the second quarter with an extension of its Eggo brand Thick & Fluffy line. Building on the success of its Thick & Fluffy waffle lineup, new Eggo Thick & Fluffy French Toast will debut in three varieties: classic, cinnamon brown sugar and blueberry.