HUNT VALLEY, MD. — New takes on frozen treats are trending this summer, according to McCormick & Co., Inc.’s latest flavor forecast. As interest in bold, adventurous flavors continues to rise, consumers are seeking new ways to stay refreshed and hydrated. Traditional summer coolers like lemonade and snow cones are giving way to newer options like craft mocktails, creamy subtropical drinks and savory treats made with vegetables, according to the company.

Consumers are cooling down with craft cocktails, served low- or no-alcohol style. Concentrated flavors from fresh fruit syrups, bitters, sours and spices help prevent dilution even after the ice melts. Ingredients such as grapefruit basil kombucha or watermelon and chamoy sauce will grow in popularity this summer, as consumers seek out lighter mocktails that still pack a flavorful punch, McCormick said.

“A chili spiced watermelon rosé granita and a blueberry vanilla calamansi juice shaved ice are innovative ideas to meet growing online searches for mocktails and non-alcoholic cocktails,” said Kevan Mr. Vetter, executive chef at McCormick & Co.

Savory flavors are showing up alongside sweeter frozen treat options, as consumers seek out pops, slushies and mousse that are both nutritious and indulgent. Treats with veggies and other ingredients like dill, mint, ginger or cinnamon will grow in popularity, according to McCormick. Examples of sweet and savory treats include blackberry sweet potato ice pops, roasted beet and feta parfaits and cucumber celery slushies.

Joining another summer staple, the milkshake, are exotic beverages inspired by Indian and Thai cuisines. Cool, creamy treats like buttermilk masala chaas drink, frozen kaffir lime pie and mango lassi bites with coconut cream offer alternatives to traditional dairy-based options and meet demand for international flavors.