ANN ARBOR, MICH. —Domino’s Pizza unveiled a new, 33,000-square-foot Innovation Garage at its World Resource Center in Ann Arbor.

The company has invested heavily in digital technology recently, building out its delivery service and bolstering its point-of-sale and supply chain systems. Richard E. Allison Jr., chief executive officer at Domino’s Pizza, said the investments have been a game changer for the company, which now generates 65% of its sales through digital channels. The goal of the new facility is to bring the various teams that build and create those technologies together under one roof.

Domino’s Innovation Garage features a pizza theater for developing and testing new technologies, like ordering kiosks and carryout trackers, in a store setting. It also has a dedicated space for testing delivery innovations such as G.P.S. delivery tracking and autonomous delivery vehicles.

“As a pizza company with a focus on technology, we want our team members to have a workspace that encourages experimentation and fosters an environment to take risks, test innovations and fail-fast so they can bring their best cutting-edge ideas to life for the brand's customers and stores,” said Kelly Garcia, chief technology officer at Domino’s.