CANTON, MASS. — Breakfast burritos are getting the bowl treatment at Dunkin’. The restaurant chain is adding to its menu two Burrito Bowls to offer customers new options for eating on the go.

Developed in the Dunkin’ Test Kitchen, the burrito bowls were created by director of research and development Mike Brazis and his team. They saw bowls as a “popular trending menu item for health-conscious consumers looking for a quick, convenient meal,” Dunkin’ said.

“To take a Dunkin’ spin on bowls, the team looked to create something with plenty of protein, while bringing in some other delicious ingredients that our fans love, like fire-roasted cauliflower and quinoa,” Dunkin’ said. “This resulted in the Fire Roasted Veggie Bowl and Chorizo Bowl.”

The Fire Roasted Veggie Burrito Bowl features eggs, cauliflower, brown rice, Monterey jack cheese, pepper jack cheese and a mix of fire-roasted vegetables including onions, red and green bell peppers, corn and black beans all topped with chipotle sauce. The bowl delivers 15 grams of protein and contains 250 calories.

Dunkin' burrito bowls“For an easy, accessible way to eat a little better, Dunkin’s Fire Roasted Veggie Bowl offers a better-for-you option,” Dunkin’ said.

The Chorizo Bowl combines eggs, diced chorizo, Monterey jack cheese, cheddar cheese, brown rice, red bell peppers, poblano peppers, red quinoa and a smoky tomato sauce.

“Here at Dunkin’ we are committed to making it easy for our guests to make the choices that are right for them while eating on the run,” Dunkin’ said. “That’s why we are continuing to innovate and introduce new and convenient menu items to help guests power through their days.”