CHICAGO – Pillsbury is thinking thin for its new line of baking mixes inspired by the trends of permissible indulgence and thinner, flatter snacks and treats, Pillsbury said.

New Pillsbury brownie bark mixes combine the chocolate flavor of Pillsbury brownies with the crunch of a bark and come in two varieties: chocolate chip and toffee. The chocolate chip variety contains 120 calories per 30-gram serving, while the toffee flavor contains 110 calories per 30-gram serving. The mixes are packaged in 10.58-oz boxes and retail for $2.50 to $3.50 each.

“We are always looking to innovate and expand our product line to bring consumers what they're craving — like our beloved chocolate brownies — in a trendy new way,” said Dan Anglemyer, chief operating officer of Pillsbury parent Hometown Food Co. “We hope bakers of all ages will enjoy these exciting new products as they bake up some delicious memories.”

Additionally, the brand is adding two new Funfetti frostings and cake mixes, marking the first permanent cake mix additions to the lineup since Funfetti debuted in 1989.

Pillsbury Funfetti galaxy and unicorn frostingThe new Funfetti Yellow Cake Mix features yellow cake mix with blue and purple candy bits and makes 10 160-calorie servings or 24 cupcakes per 15.25-oz box. The Galaxy Space Blue vanilla frosting contains 140 calories per two tablespoons and is packaged in 15.6-oz tubs. The frosting comes with a blend of galaxy-themed sprinkles that includes yellow stars, orange moons, silver rocket ships and white sprinkles.

The Funfetti Strawberry Cake Mix contains yellow and purple candy bits and makes 10 160-calorie servings or 24 cupcakes per 15.25-oz box. The Funfetti Unicorn vanilla frosting comes with a combination of shaped sprinkles that include purple and pink unicorns, yellow stars, and pink and blue sprinkles. Packaged in 15.6-oz tubs, the frosting contains 140 calories per two tablespoons.

The new Pillsbury Funfetti Frosting and Cake Mix together retail for $2.49 to $4.99.

“Pillsbury’s Funfetti frostings and cake mixes have been bringing families and friends together for birthdays, holidays and special moments big and small for decades,” Mr. Anglemyer said. “We’re thrilled to offer our Funfetti fans even more fun as we celebrate the 30th birthday of Funfetti this year.”