NORWICH, N.Y. – Chobani, L.L.C. is debuting a deluge of innovation, including a line of oat-based products, coffee creamers and Greek yogurts with oatmeal, marking the largest expansion in the brand’s history, according to the company.

The new Chobani Oat product platform includes oat drinks, an oat drink barista blend, oat blends and oat blends with crunch. The plant-based offerings are made without nuts, dairy or lactose.

"Like yogurt, oats are an ancient food with deep roots in our culture and our land,” said Hamdi Ulukaya, founder and chief executive officer of Chobani. “These grains deserve to be celebrated. I always knew our journey from yogurt to becoming a modern food company would be through nutritious, delicious, batch-made products like Chobani Oat, and today they're helping us further deliver on our founding mission of making better food for more people."

The Chobani Oat platform was developed to complement dairy in consumers’ diets rather than replace it, while delivering a higher-quality alternative to products currently available in the marketplace, according to the company.

Made with whole grain organic oats, Chobani Oat drinks are gluten-free and contain 2 grams of protein and 100 to 140 calories per serving. Varieties include plain, vanilla, chocolate and plain extra creamy and are packaged in 52-oz cartons for a suggested retail price of $3.99.

Chobani Oat drink barista blend is designed to froth like steamed whole milk in coffee and tea. The blend will be available beginning in December.

Chobani Oat productsChobani Oat blends are yogurt alternatives that are dairy-free and available in vanilla, strawberry vanilla, blueberry pomegranate and peach mandarin flavors. The 5.3-oz cups provide 3 grams of plant-based protein, contain 120 to 130 calories and retail for $1.99.

Chobani Oat blends with crunch combine the company’s yogurt alternative with crunchy components. Flavors include strawberry granola crunch, blueberry almond crumble and peach coconut crunch. Sweetened with cane sugar and thickened with tapioca flour, each 5.3-oz cup contains 4 grams of plant-based protein and 170 to 190 calories. The product retails for $1.99.

Along with its oat-based innovation, Chobani is also launching new dairy products including coffee creamers and Greek yogurt with oatmeal on the bottom.

Chobani coffee creamers, made with non-G.M.O. ingredients, are available in caramel, sweet cream, hazelnut and vanilla flavors, all of which contain 30 calories per serving. The creamers contain five or fewer ingredients, including locally sourced milk and cream, natural flavors and cane sugar. The 24-oz bottles are available for a suggested retail price of $3.99.

Chobani Greek yogurt with oatmeal cups provide 4 grams of fiber and 10 grams of protein per 5.3-oz cup. Combinations include apple spice Greek yogurt with brown sugar oatmeal, blueberry Greek yogurt with maple oatmeal, banana Greek yogurt with maple oatmeal, and peach Greek yogurt with brown sugar oatmeal. The cups contain 140 to 150 calories and retail for $1.79.