MINNEAPOLIS — General Mills, Inc. is moving its Oui by Yoplait yogurt into the non-dairy segment with new Oui Dairy Free.

Made with a coconut base, the yogurt alternative comes in mango, strawberry, raspberry and vanilla flavors. Oui Dairy Free is packaged in 5-oz glass pots and feature teal labels to set them apart from other Oui varieties on the shelf. Currently in a limited release, Oui Dairy Free will be available nationwide in January 2020.

Oui Creme DessertsAdditionally, General Mills is introducing Oui Crème Dessert, a line of chilled desserts that offer a spin on Crème Fraîche — a cultured French cream. Packaged in 3.5-oz glass pots, the desserts are sweetened with cane sugar, contain 220 calories per jar and come in caramel cream, lemon tart and vanilla bean varieties.

“We really leaned on Yoplait’s French heritage and embraced the way yogurt was made in the past as we set out to deliver a premium, crafted experience,” said Doug Martin, president of General Mills’ U.S. yogurt business. “Consumers were ready for something new, evidenced by the continued declines of Greek style yogurt. Oui by Yoplait is intentionally crafted — from the remarkable glass jar to the simple ingredients to the eight-hour cup set process. All of these elements combined deliver a premium taste experience worth taking the time to savor.”

General Mills first debuted Oui by Yoplait in June 2017. The yogurt is made by pouring ingredients into individual glass pots that set after eight hours, producing a thick and creamy yogurt. The rigidity of the glass helps maintain the yogurt’s integrity, allowing it to stabilize without the use of added corn starch or gelatin.