KANSAS CITY — New snacks are sailing into supermarkets.

General Mills, Inc. has teamed up with Mars, Inc. to create a new yogurt candy mashup: Starburst flavored Yoplait yogurt. Containing 150 calories per 6-oz container, the low-fat yogurt comes in in three Starburst candy-inspired flavors: cherry, strawberry and orange.

After bringing Planters Cheez Balls back to shelves in June 2018 following a 12-year hiatus, The Kraft Heinz Co. is adding a new flavor: white cheddar. Packaged in 2.75-oz canisters, the cheese-flavored corn snacks contain 150 calories per 1-oz serving.

A new collection of snack packs is joining the Butterball, L.L.C. portfolio. New Butterball Premium Snacks are on-the-go, 2.4- to 2.8-oz packs that provide 10 grams of protein each and come in three varieties: Cajun style, citrus teriyaki and Thanksgiving.

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