PLANO, TEXAS — Frito-Lay North America, a division of PepsiCo, Inc., is predicting a continuation of unexpected flavors, global inspiration and health benefits to influence snack innovation in the coming year.

Consumers are seeking snacks that offer purpose and convenience. Expect snacks featuring ingredients linked to stress relief and relaxation, according to Frito-Lay. On-the-go snacking remains popular, and better-for-you attributes, including protein, whole grains and fiber, are still resonating with shoppers.

From a flavor perspective, sour notes and citrus fruits, including yuzu, grapefruit and blood orange, will continue to gain favor, and unexpected combinations, such as spicy dill pickle, are heating up. Red chili pastes like gochujang will prevail, along with cayenne peppers, trailing tajin’s rise in 2019. Global hot sauces, seasonings and pepper varietals are catching on beyond the United States into regions associated with milder fare, such as the United Kingdom and Australia. Spicy snacks will evolve to call out specific peppers, such as ghost, habanero, poblano, hatch or chipotle.

Frito-Lay, which offers more than 1,200 products and more than 30 brands, said consumers select a variety of snacks for different occasions to meet a multitude of needs.