FAIRFIELD, CALIF. — The Jelly Belly Candy Co. is acquiring some of the assets of Gimbal Brothers, L.L.C., San Francisco, including Gimbal’s jellybeans brand and Scottie Dogs licorice and other “chewy candy.” Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

“We are grateful to the Gimbal Brothers team for their collaboration during the closing of this agreement,” said Lisa Rowland Brasher, president and chief executive officer of Jelly Belly. “We are both working hard to make this seamless for retailers, brokers and buyers.”

Established in 1898, Gimbal Brothers is a part of Bettera Brands, a holding company formed by the private equity firm Highlander Partners. Highlander acquired Gimbal Brothers in April 2017. Another company doing business as a part of Bettera Brands is Hillside Candy, a maker of sugar-free, organic and traditional candies. Gimbal’s assortment includes 41 flavors of jellybeans, including sour and hot cinnamon varieties.

Formerly known as Herman Goelitz Candy Co., the family-owned and -operated Jelly Belly Candy Co. also was founded in 1898 and began producing Jelly Belly jellybeans in 1976. Additional product lines include candy corn, licorice, gummies and sour candies. Jelly Belly offers more than 100 jellybean flavors. Buttered popcorn, a cult favorite, became Jelly Belly’s first savory addition in 1989, opening the door to more offbeat varieties, including hot sauce and draft beer.