DENVER, COLO. — Cannabidiol (C.B.D.)’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years as its potential health benefits become more widely known among consumers. A recent article in the October 2019 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association revealed that Google searches in the United States for “C.B.D.” or “cannabidiol” were steady from 2004 to 2014 but then increased more than 100% year over year since 2016.

And while interest in C.B.D. is on the rise, its use as a food ingredient remains largely unregulated, leaving consumers to determine product quality and safety. Looking to provide a reliable source of C.B.D., ZBD Health rolled out bars containing 10 mg of lab-tested, traceable C.B.D.

“We would like ZBD to be a pioneer for C.B.D. edibles, demonstrating the safety, quality, accessibility and benefits of C.B.D.,” said David Ingalls, chief executive officer of ZBD. “Our C.B.D. oil originates from a proprietary strain of C.B.D.-rich hemp plants organically grown in Oregon and Colorado. Carbon dioxide is then extracted at a Food and Drug Administration-certified facility and each batch is third-party lab verified to be free from T.H.C., pesticides, heavy metals and solvents.”

Once these trials are completed, the oil is then infused into the brand’s Mint Chocochip or PB Chocochip bars. All results from the company’s testing is available on ZBD’s web site and accessible through a Q.R. code, which is on the product’s packaging.

ZBD bars were developed with health-conscious consumers in mind. Each variety features up to 7 grams of protein and are free from gluten, additives and artificial ingredients.

“While there are a lot of C.B.D. snacks on the market, none of them are considering the importance of quality nutrition,” Mr. Ingalls noted. “ZBD targets active adults looking to combine a high-protein snack with a maintenance dose of C.B.D. for relaxation, focus and exercise recovery.”

ZBD bars can be found online and at natural grocery stores. Mr. Ingalls said consumer feedback has been “overwhelmingly positive” and that purchases have steadily grown as people become more curious about C.B.D.’s benefits. In addition, he noted that many people have reported that it’s easier to incorporate the oil into their daily wellness routine if it’s included in their food.

“They don’t have to remember to take their tincture, capsule or supplement,” he said. “They gain the benefit from the additional protein and nutritional aspects of the bar and simply enjoy eating a functional snack that tastes great.”