ALEXANDRIA, VA. — True Made Foods is launching a new line of Carolinas-inspired barbecue sauces, expanding its portfolio of condiments sweetened with vegetables. The recipes were developed with pitmaster and restaurateur Ed Mitchell.

The new Eastern Carolina, Carolina Red and Carolina Gold barbecue sauces contain no added sugars, artificial or refined sweeteners and are made with a mix of carrots and butternut squash. Each sauce is made with “authentic, regional recipes that are true to the heritage and traditions of their particular barbecue region,” the company said.

The Eastern Carolina barbecue sauce blends apple cider vinegar, red pepper, sage and turmeric. The sauce is made from a 100-year-old recipe from Wilson, N.C.

The Carolina Red barbecue sauce, inspired by western North Carolina, are made with apple cider vinegar, red pepper, black pepper and tomato. Designed for pulled pork sandwiches, Carolina Red barbecue sauces are also known as Lexington or Piedmont-style.

The Carolina Gold barbecue sauce pays homage to South Carolina and combines mustard, vinegar and apple. The paleo sauce stems from the region between Greenville and Charleston.

“In today’s ever-changing food landscape, we have cauliflower in our pizza crust and chickpeas in our pasta and now, thanks to True Made Foods, we have butternut squash and carrots in our ketchup and barbecue sauce,” True Made Foods said. “Yet, unlike a cauliflower pizza, True Made Foods sauces don’t require any sensory sacrifice to help you feel healthier.”

True Made Foods condiments

Additionally, True Made Foods has unveiled a new brand identity after working with a branding agency last September as part of its participation in Mars, Inc.’s Seeds of Change Accelerator. The new sauces and labels are set to hit shelves this month.

“We always knew we needed to update our labels and start creating brand ‘families,’ with a common theme to tie everything together,” said Abe Kamarck, chief executive officer of True Made Foods. “The new barbecue sauces helped push that forward. For our new visual identity, we were lucky enough to work with the famed branding agency JKR when we were part of the Mars Seeds of Change Accelerator last year. JKR immediately identified True Made Foods’ potential to be the next ‘American icon,’ and they probably know what they are talking about since they are responsible for some of America’s most classically iconic brands, like Budweiser and Dunkin’. With that charge, we worked with Austin-based design firm, Brandarella, to create a new iconic look for the 21st century. We needed a visual identity that was very Americana but also modern, and we wanted to make it personal and tie in our founding story. The shield outline on every bottle was influenced by the shield on the front of Navy Wings. I was a Naval helicopter pilot, so the shield ties in my service without overshadowing the real star — the sauces. The new labels tie in our dedication to serve and demonstrate how True Made Foods is just the next extension of that service.”

The new Carolinas-inspired barbecue sauces join True Made Foods’ existing lineup of condiments, including a Kansas City-style barbecue sauce, low- and no-sugar ketchups and vegetable sriracha.