ALSIP, ILL. — Griffith Foods has added The International Agriculture Group (IAG) to its global family of companies.

The companies originally partnered in 2016 when Griffith Foods brought IAG’s Nubana Green Banana powder to market. The ingredient now joins a portfolio of sustainable products within Griffith Foods’ Terova division.

Nubana Green Banana Powder is gluten free, non-GMO and contains no artificial colors or flavors. It has a smooth texture, neutral taste and may be used for nutritional enhancements in a range of food and beverage applications.

“NuBana Green Banana Powder is now an even stronger functional and sustainable whole fruit ingredient for clean label texture, binding, viscosity and nutrition,” said Maurice Moragne, chief executive officer at IAG. “We are now at a critical juncture where enhanced resources and expertise from Griffith Foods is required to sustain our rapid growth.”