NEW YORK — Brami, maker of namesake snacking lupini beans, is launching a new plant-based, clean label lupini bean hummus.

Made with lupini beans and extra virgin olive oil, the non-perishable hummus comes in four varieties, each consisting of 11 ingredients or fewer: original, garlic and rosemary, Mediterranean olive, and Calabrian pepper. The Non-GMO Project verified hummus contains 50 calories, 2 grams of protein and no net carbs per 1-oz serving.

“We have innovated in the bean dip space in order to improve on a couple of pain points,” said Aaron Gatti, founder of Brami.  “Most hummus has a short shelf life, which means companies often put artificial preservatives in them to extend their life. Also, because of the short life, it is hard to buy hummus online and keep it stocked in your pantry as you would other items, meaning consumers must constantly be replenishing their supply whenever purchasing from physical retailers. We have solved these pain points with a non-perishable, multi-serve hummus that you can easily buy online and keep in your pantry until ready to use.”

Brami hummus is available on the company’s website and on