HOUSTON — Nestle SA’s Outshine Snacks brand has teamed up with Tajín International Corp. to introduce Tajín’s first frozen snack in the United States: Outshine Mango with Tajín. The frozen fruit bars are made with mango puree and mango juice sprinkled with Tajín Clásico chili-lime seasoning. Each bar contains 30 calories and 7 grams of sugar.

"Since day one, Tajín has been committed to creating a family-friendly brand; combining the highest quality ingredients that bring out the flavor in foods and beverages, and especially creating a unique taste on fruits, vegetables and other healthy and tasty snacks," said Javier Leyva, director of Tajín’s US business. "We are dedicated to partnering with iconic US brands to bring new, exciting flavors to the market. We're proud to collaborate with Outshine Snacks, a company that shares our passion for high quality products and family values, to enable more American consumers to enjoy the unique taste of our product."

Outshine Mango with Tajín bars are available at grocery stores nationwide, including Walmart, Target, Safeway and Meijer for about $3.99 per box of six.