HARRISON, NY. – Treo Brands LLC’s Fruit & Birch Water is a new product from founder and chief executive officer Bob Golden, whose father was part of the team that founded the Snapple brand in the 1970s. The new beverage is intended to be an alternative to water and lightly flavored waters.

Treo Fruit & Beverage is available in seven flavors, including peach mango, blueberry, strawberry, kiwi watermelon, raspberry lemonade, coconut pineapple and orange apricot. The product is sourced from silver birch trees in New York and Vermont. Other ingredients used in the formulation include sugar, xylitol and flavors.

The beverage is packaged in 16-oz aseptic bottles and sold in single flavor 12-packs and multi-packs consisting of the peach mango, raspberry lemonade and blueberry flavors.

“If Snapple were created today, it would be Treo — Great taste, plant-based, only 10 calories and 1 gram of sugar and made with ‘even better stuff,’” Mr. Golden said.