SOMERSET, NJ. — Advanced Food Systems (AFS) offers several systems for food manufacturers working with or replacing animal proteins in plant-based and flexitarian products.

FlavorTex, a marinade system for dehydrated textured vegetable protein, may be custom formulated for the source of protein being used. It helps produce a meat-like texture upon cooking while masking inherent off-flavors associated with plant-based meat alternatives.

Actogel gelling systems provide cold viscosity to allow dehydrated textured vegetable protein to be formed, extruded or stuffed. They thermally gel upon cooking to provide a meat-like texture and maintain texture as a product cools.

AFS also offers SeasonRite flavors and Chef-Ready seasonings. Both systems were designed to provide base flavor through top notes and to contribute to the aroma of the final product, the company said.

All four systems are customizable and may be developed based on a customers’ processing capabilities.