SANTA ROSA, CALIF. — BCFoods has acquired an onion and garlic dehydration facility located in Gujarat, India, from Darshan Foods.

The purchase expands BCFoods’ presence in the country and complements its office in Kochin, India, where it provides quality assurance services and logistical coordination for its vegetable and spice sourcing activities.

“A one-stop, full-range food ingredient company, with global production and local services is in high demand from the industry,” said Adam Lee, president of BCFoods. “This acquisition will help BCFoods extend the growth of our garlic and onion business worldwide and to further expand our model of providing global sourcing and local services.”

The expansion into India will help build a supply chain of more diversified sources of onion and garlic, as India accounts for a quarter of the world’s global dehydrated onion production, Mr. Lee said.

BCFoods will upgrade the facility with new equipment and standardized quality control systems. Onion processing will begin in the fourth quarter of 2020 with dehydration commencing at the start of the new season in January 2021. Customers can expect to see Indian origin onion and garlic as part of the company’s full line of fried vegetables, onion, garlic and spices and seasonings beginning next year.