GREENWICH, CONN. — GoodSam Foods is debuting with a line of chocolate products, including chocolate bars, chocolate chips and chocolate coated nuts. The portfolio is available exclusively at Thrive Market.

Made with organic and non-GMO ingredients, GoodSam products are certified vegan, keto-friendly and contain no added sugars. The company sweetens its products with allulose instead of cane sugar and uses direct trade practices and regenerative farming practices.

“We want consumers to enjoy GoodSam products without feeling guilty about what they are eating or how it was produced,” said Heather K. Terry, co-founder of GoodSam. “Not only are good-for-you ingredients a priority, but also how we grow and source those ingredients. We believe in biodiversity that supports regenerative systems. We do not see GoodSam as a candy brand, rather a small farmer brand.”

GoodSam chocolate bars are made with 55% cacao and are available in three flavors: dark chocolate, dark chocolate and sea salt nibs, and dark chocolate and mint. Each 2.8-oz bar contains 290 to 330 calories.

The dark chocolate chips are made with 55% cacao and contain 50 calories per 60-piece serving.

“We do not see GoodSam as a candy brand, rather a small farmer brand.” — Heather K. Terry, GoodSam

GoodSam’s dark chocolate candy-coated nuts feature isomalt from beet sugar and come in three varieties: almonds, cashews and peanuts. Each 1-oz serving contains 110 calories.

Ms. Terry and Sam Stroot founded GoodSam in 2019 with the goal of bringing the high-quality cocoa products found in Colombia to the US market.

The pair is committed to direct trade practices to maintain strong relationships with the supply chain, manufacturers and indigenous communities, the company said. GoodSam also works with farmers through regenerative farming practices to maintain the quality of soil to ensure farms continue to thrive for future generations.

“The creation of our chocolate and supporting those who farm, manufacture and distribute has been a passion project for me and Heather,” Mr. Stroot said. “We believe that when you open a bag, you shouldn’t have to wonder if the company you are spending your money with is doing the right thing.”