GENEVA, SWITZERLAND — Firmenich has unveiled its redesigned West Coast Innovation Center.

Located in Anaheim, Calif., home of Firmenich’s Durarome production site and West Coast commercial business, the center was designed to increase creativity, improve collaboration with customers and enable more rapid end-to-end product development. Site enhancements include expanded pilot plant capabilities, an expanded sample lab and new software and technology solutions to digitally optimize the customer experience.

The redesigned facility will reduce the time from concept to creation and allow customers to pilot new food, beverage and nutrition products in the market, according to the company. It mirrors other recent innovation initiatives at Firmenich, including a partnership with Stanford University on a next-generation research program and the company’s San Diego taste research and development center.

“Our team at the site focuses on more than just flavor applications; they are product developers first,” said Karl Witton, vice president of new ventures at Firmenich. “Taking this approach provides our customers with the unique resources, skills and focus to enable them to scale up their business.”