NORTHBROOK, ILL. — Bell Flavors & Fragrances launched a portfolio of taste technologies and flavors to help manufacturers improve the overall taste profiles of plant-based alternatives.

The new product range provides clean label taste solutions for meat and fish alternatives, dairy alternatives and other plant-based, high protein products. The alternative protein platform offers a range of vegan and vegetarian base and top note flavors, along with a collection of technologies for improving taste and texture profiles.

Bell’s flavorists and sensory experts identified the potential off tastes of various protein sources, including soy, wheat, pea, rice, oat, almond and coconut and their organoleptic effects on other characteristics, including texture and mouthfeel. The team developed a range of functional masking solutions that mitigate specific off notes based on different application needs. It also developed specific flavors to help achieve more rounded taste characteristics, such as full-bodied umami or rich kokumi that many alternative proteins lack.

The company’s regional organizations also offer a full range of alternative protein and vegan flavor varieties for the European, Canadian and Latin American markets.