KANSAS CITY – Blink and you may miss the latest innovations in the snack segment. As more consumers graze throughout the day, food manufacturers are rushing to bring new applications and formats to market that meet consumer demand for health, indulgence, sustainability and freshness. The products featured in this edition of the New Food Insider made their debuts since late September.

From startups to established brands, the market for snacks is white hot, and trend watchers expect the category to continue accelerating into 2022. What stands out about recent snack innovation is how the category is fragmenting. Products being introduced target a variety of trends. Success will be determined by how well manufacturers execute against the targeted need states of consumers.

Nestle SA, for example, has introduced Rallies Nut Butter Bombs for consumers seeking an indulgent treat.

“Seventy-four percent of consumers say ‘treating oneself’ is the main driver of comfort snacking to combat slumps in their busy lifestyles,” said Michael Darman, innovation manager for Nestle USA. “Eventually, we all need a ‘pick me up.’ Nestle Rallies offers a delicious treat with less added sugar than consumers are used to finding in similar snacks. The indulgence is a grab-and-go option and a fresh, elevated take on a traditional treat.”

TH Foods, Inc., owner of the Crunchmaster brand, recently introduced a cassava-based snack.

“The Crunchmaster team is continuously looking for our next product innovation to meet our consumers’ demand for simple, wholesome snacks, and the pandemic only emphasized their desire for better-for-you snacking options,” said Braden Bennie, senior marketing manager for Crunchmaster, a subsidiary of TH Foods, Inc. “Bistro Crisps bring the best of Crunchmaster crackers — the nutrition, flavor and crispy crunch — to a new realm of snacking.”

Missing from this story are meat snacks. Readers interested in some of the latest meat snack introductions should check out this slideshow published in early November.

View the slideshow of recent snack innovation.