LOS ANGELES — Elavi, a maker of collagen-boosted protein bars, is launching a line of functional spreads formulated with cashew butter, hempseed oil and nutrient-dense powders.

Available in single-serve packets, Elavi Superfood Cashew Butter features vibrant hues of pink, blue or brown. Flavors include dark chocolate, pomegranate beet and blue spirulina vanilla.  

“Shelf-stable, functional snacks allow our customers to prioritize their health anywhere,” said Michelle Razavi, co-founder and chief executive officer of Elavi. “The modern lifestyle often sacrifices nourishing food for convenient food, and we are excited that Elavi can be the brand to flip that narrative by reimagining daily nutrition.”

Billed as a “modern wellness brand,” Elavi offers a collection of protein bars made with wild marine collagen, which is linked to strengthening skin, hair, nails and connective tissue, and grass-fed bovine collagen, which contributes to digestive health. Additional ingredients include pea protein, almond protein powder, cashew butter and coconut oil, plus goji berries and cacao nibs. Organic dates and honey, culinary staples of Ms. Razavi’s Middle Eastern heritage, add sweetness and binding.

“As an emerging brand, we have the advantage of having a strong pulse on what our consumers want and can move fast to meet them,” said Nikki Elliott, co-founder. “Since we started Elavi in 2020 we’ve seen a growing demand in consumer requests for convenience, plant-powered superfoods, and functionality, so creating a line of on-the-go nut butters felt like a natural extension. We are equally excited that a 100% plant-based line now allows us to tap into a new fan base and bring innovation to a category while simultaneously prioritizing the planet with our integration of environmentally sustainable hempseed oil.”

Elavi Superfood Cashew Butter spreads are available online at elavi.co.