AUSTIN, TEXAS — Seven emerging food and beverage brands have formed the Alliance to Control Excessive Sugar (ACES). The coalition includes Enlightened, HighKey, Koia, Lemon Perfect, Olipop, Super Coffee and Three Wishes.

The group is providing discounts to shoppers as incentives to reduce sugar consumption. It also is inviting other brands to join the movement. Participating companies aim to educate consumers on the benefits of zero-calorie sweeteners such as monk fruit, erythritol, allulose and stevia.

“America’s go-to brands are loaded with sugar and unnecessary calories that make food and drinks taste good but at the expense of health and wellness,” said Jimmy DeCicco, chair of ACES and chief executive officer of Super Coffee. “At ACES, we’re committed to showing consumers that there’s a better way — food and beverages that are low in sugar and don’t compromise on taste. Our combined impact is far greater than any single brand alone, which is why we’re banding together for the betterment of our community. This is just the beginning of a movement that we hope will soon pressure every food and beverage company to meet consumers’ needs of combining flavor with function and wellness.”

According to the coalition, Americans consumed more than 84 billion lbs of sugar last year. Together, the companies claimed to have removed more than 34 million lbs of sugar from the market and are committed to removing 157 million more lbs of sugar in the coming years.

Consumers may sign up for discounts and nominate additional brands at

Enlightened, New York, is a brand of frozen desserts with reduced-sugar and no-added-sugar formulations. HighKey, Orlando, Fla., offers a portfolio of low-carbohydrate cookies, cereal, baking mixes and more made with no grains or no added sugar. Koia, Los Angeles, makes plant-based smoothies and protein drinks. Lemon Perfect, Atlanta, is a line of hydrating lemon water with zero sugar or sweeteners. Olipop, Oakland, Calif., is a producer of sparkling beverages with digestive health benefits. Super Coffee, Austin, makes protein-packed, coffee-based beverages with no sugar. Three Wishes, New York, is a brand of grain-free ready-to-eat cereal.