LOS ANGELES — Hummii Snacks, a brand of better-for-you takes on childhood staples, is debuting colorful chocolate candies. Available in select regional stores, Points! contain no artificial ingredients or added sugars, according to the company.

The M&M’s-inspired candies are plant-based, keto-friendly and free of the top 14 allergens. A serving contains 90 calories and 6 grams of prebiotic fiber.

Following a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign last year, the brand was set to debut Hummii Mini Muffins, a grain-free and plant-based snack inspired by Entenmann’s Little Bites. Tyler Phillips, founder and chief executive officer of Hummii, teamed with a Michelin-starred pastry chef to develop the recipes, featuring chickpea flour, golden flaxseeds, prebiotic fiber and monk fruit extract.

However, production issues and delays prompted Mr. Phillips to pursue a new opportunity while “the muffin launch is still ‘cooking up,’” he said.

“Launching Points! began as a joke while sampling ingredient inclusion with some friends as one of them suggested just packaging them on their own,” Mr. Phillips said. “The next day I gave it some thought, and after a weekend of sampling throughout the area we were off to the races… The entire process from that first night of taste testing to launching into our first retailers was fast tracked at six weeks short, thanks to an incredible community-sourced effort.”

Points! are sold at a handful of Los Angeles specialty retailers and will be available to purchase online at pointsdrop.hummi.com in August for a limited time.

“We aim to work directly with the Points! community to create snazzy new flavors as soon as this holiday season,” Mr. Phillips said.