CHICAGO — Milne Fruit Products, Prosser, Wash., introduced several new varieties of fruit and vegetable powders during the Institute of Food Technologists’ annual meeting and food expo that took place July 13-16 in Chicago. The vegetable varieties include carrot, corn and peas, and the fruit powders include apricot, peach, watermelon and aronia.

“These new varieties were selected for their individual nutritional profiles and health and wellness characteristics,” said Michael Sorenson, president and general manager of Milne Fruit Products. “The powders are pure fruit and pure vegetables and produced from whole fruits and vegetables that are rich in nutritional values — including higher levels of ORAC and polyphenols.”

Applications where the new range of powders may be used include breakfast cereals, baked goods, snack chips, smoothies, spreads, juices and more, according to the company.

“These powders bring real color, natural flavors and enhanced nutrition to new food products, beverages and health and wellness applications,” Mr. Sorenson said. “Our low-heat, all natural drying process preserves the valuable nutrient levels and uses no artificial color or preservatives to produce low moisture, low fat fruit and vegetable powders.”