OTTAWA – Production of all wheat in Canada was estimated up 1% from the August forecast and up 6% from 2011, while the canola outturn was expected down 13% from August and down 8% from last year, Statistics Canada said today in its September 2012 Production of Principal Field Crops report.

“Prairie farmers anticipate higher wheat production as well as a decline in canola this year,” Statistics Canada said in its report.

Based on data collected from Sept. 4-11, total 2012 Canadian wheat production was estimated at 26,733,000 tonnes, down 1% from 27,013,000 tonnes forecast previously but up 6% from 25,261,000 tonnes in 2011, Statistics Canada said.

Production of spring wheat other than durum was estimated at 18,641,000 tonnes, down 2% from August but up 3% from 18,031,000 tonnes in 2011. Durum production was estimated at 4,398,000 tonnes, up 3% from August and up 5% from 4,172,000 tonnes last year. Winter wheat production was pegged at 3,694,000 tonnes, up slightly from the August estimate and up 21% from 3,058,000 tonnes in 2011.
Statistics Canada estimated 2012 canola production at 13,359,000 tonnes, down 13% from the August forecast and down 8% from a revised 14,493,000 tonnes in 2011.

Oats production was estimated at 2,939,000 tonnes, down slightly from the prior forecast and down 2% from 2,997,000 tonnes in 2011.

The 2012 barley crop was seen at 8,591,0000 tonnes, down 10% from the prior forecast but up 11% from 7,756,0000 tonnes a year ago.

Dry field pea outturn was estimated at 2,743,000 tonnes, down 8% from August and up 10% from 2011.

Corn production was expected to be 11,576,000 tonnes, down 1% from the August outlook and up 8% from 10,689,000 tonnes in 2011.

The soybean outturn was estimated at 4,280,000 tonnes, down 3% from 4,405,000 tonnes in August but up slightly from 4,246,000 tonnes last year.