NEW YORK – Materne North America is extending its line of fruit products with the introduction of GoGo squeeZ Fast Fruit, a new line of snacks targeting adults. The new product is packaged in a larger, squeezable pouch that contains a fruit-based emulsion in flavors that appeal to adults.

“Through research we found that 30% of GoGo squeeZ is consumed by adults 18 years of age and older, so we set out to create something just for them with Fast Fruit,” said Meena Mansharamani, managing director of Materne North America. “Fast Fruit is a new way that our grown up fans can enjoy the wholesomeness of our pouches through a unique product inspired by the big kid in them.”

Each 4.2-oz package of GoGo squeeZ has a full serving of fruit for adults. The products are available in three flavor combinations: apple peach passion fruit, apple mango pineapple banana, and apple raspberry cranberry.

The product is available nationwide from Target Corp. and has a suggested retail price of $3.49 for a package of four.