Torie & Howard’s new Chewie Fruities Organic gummy candy includes a blood orange and honey flavor, while the Lindt Excellence Exotic Fruit Collection features a dark chocolate bar with pomegranate.

Fruit in focus

Exotic fruits are flavoring new confections, such as Torie & Howard’s new Chewie Fruities Organic gummy candy, which includes pomegranate and nectarine, blood orange and honey, and Meyer lemon and raspberry varieties.

“We see the fruit flavors going way deeper into fruits than we have before, with flavor profiles like Meyer lemon, blood orange, specific varieties of apples — it’s not apple-flavored; it’s Golden Delicious apple-flavored,” Ms. Whiteside said. “And then a few fruits I had never seen at the show before, like wine grapes and baobab.”

Welch’s Fruit Snacks Apple Orchard Medley from Promotion in Motion Companies includes a mix of Golden Delicious Apple, Red Delicious Apple, Granny Smith Apple, Apricot and Pear flavors.

The new Lindt Excellence Exotic Fruit Collection from Lindt & Sprungli combines dark chocolate with exotic fruits, including pomegranate, blackberry with acai, and lychee.

Blood orange is featured in a new Godiva Chocolatier dark chocolate bar, featuring 50% cacao blended with Italian blood orange pieces, as well as Wolfgang Candy Co.’s Greek Style Yogurt Treats, which are individually wrapped bites combining real fruit and Greek yogurt.