ANN ARBOR, MICH. — Domino’s Pizza announced it is introducing a new “Pizza Theater” store design and a new logo.

The new store design will showcase workers hand-tossing fresh dough and custom-making orders. Some additional features include a lobby, open-area viewing of the food preparation process and the ability to order from a kiosk. There also will be chalkboards for customers to write and drawn on and leave feedback.

“Everything started to come together in 2008 when we recognized the real need to change,” said Russell Weiner, chief marketing officer. “We began to expand our menu, develop a whole new recipe for our pizza and come up with new, breakthrough ways to talk about our brand with consumers. We began to interact with customers in innovative ways through technology, mobile devices and social media.

“The next step in this process is to build the store of the future, feature new store signage and a simple, visually striking logo – because we believe Domino’s has become an iconic global brand that is instantly recognizable.”

All new stores built in the United States will feature the new logo and components of the new design, and about a dozen concept stores have been built in the United States this year. Existing stores must update and remodel to use the new single-tile logo.