KANSAS CITY — Cold brew coffee is still hot, and its popularity in ready-to-drink formats is gaining steam.

The cold brew coffee segment grew 580% from 2011-16, with sales in 2016 proving to be cold brews’ strongest year yet at retail, according to Mintel’s Coffee U.S. 2016 report.

“Innovation continues to expand the cold brew portfolio at retail, which is seeing new flavors, dairy and non-dairy milk additions, and even functionalities and cross over products,” said Elizabeth Sisel, beverage analyst at Mintel. “A number of new launches have hit the market in the past year, continuing the sub-category’s fragmentation but also introducing consumers to innovations that have yet to be seen in the coffee category.”

The WhiteWave Foods Co. is catching the cold brew coffee wave with its new line of STōK cold brew coffee. Made with an Arabica-based blend, the multi-serve option comes in Un-sweet and Not Too Sweet varieties, while the single-serve comes in mocha, vanilla and Not Too Sweet Black varieties.

“We are excited to introduce new STōK Cold-Brew Coffee at a time when consumers are embracing the craft coffee movement at home and on the go,” said Monisha Dabek, marketing director for WhiteWave Coffee Creamers & Beverages. “STōK has been a passion project for our team for several years. STōK celebrates the craft and creativity in making better coffee, with simple high quality ingredients. We challenge ourselves to keep an open mind until we land on something amazing, which we are now pleased to share in the form of the bold, smooth flavor of cold brew coffee in a ready-to-drink format.”

Califia Farms is launching its line of Black Label Cold Brew Coffees, available in Black Mocha, Signature Blend and Single Origin varieties. The black coffees are vegan, dairy-free, G.M.O.-free, soy-free and carrageenan-free. Black Mocha and Signature Blend are sourced from Colombia, Guatemala and El Salvador, and Single Origin is sourced from Ethiopia’s Yirgacheffe region.

“Our new coffees are at the ‘unsweetened’ sweet spot of the cold brew coffee craze — pure, smooth, unadulterated, and with a complexity that comes from our unique cold brewing process and access to high quality beans through our new direct trade initiative with growers in Latin America and Ethiopia,” said Greg Steltenpohl, founder and chief executive officer of Califia.

Shamrock Foods Co.’s Shamrock Farms brand is combining cold brew coffee and milk in its new Cold Brew Coffee and Milk line. The ready-to-drink beverages combine cold brewed Colombian coffee with Shamrock Farms’ milk, which contains no added hormones and is sweetened with cane sugar. The beverages are available in original, mocha and vanilla varieties.

“Refrigerated, ready-to-drink coffee is one of the fastest growing beverage categories,” said Ann Ocaña, chief marketing officer for Shamrock Foods Co. “Our research revealed the opportunity to pair the smooth taste of cold brew coffee with our farm fresh milk, creating a taste profile that is spot on for both the cold brew fan and those just discovering the trend. We always have something new brewing for our milk and this time that can be taken literally. Coffee and milk has long been the perfect match, but we’re making it easier and tastier to enjoy them together.

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