DuPont proves its dietary fiber suppresses appetite

DuPont Nutrition & Health, which has a U.S. office in New Century, Kas., has accrued scientific evidence that its dietary fiber Litesse polydextrose — part of the company’s Danisco range — has an appetite suppressing effect. The conclusions appeared in two meta-analyses that reported on the outcome of key studies that investigated the impact of Litesse consumption of calorie intake and subjective feelings of appetite.

The first meta-analysis found that including 6.25 grams to 25 grams of Litesse in a mid-morning snack reduced lunchtime calorie consumption by 5% to 15%.

“In addition, we have seen that this reduction in calorie intake is not compensated for during the rest of the day and may play a role in reducing total daily calorie intake significantly,” said Alvin Ibarra, senior scientist and member of the DuPont Nutrition & Health review team.

The analysis of subjective appetite ratings produced a similar positive effect.

“This shows that Litesse is able to reduce the desire to eat immediately after a meal that includes Litesse,” Dr. Ibarra said. “There is also a trend toward reduced hunger and increased satisfaction between meals after the consumption of Litesse. This means that Litesse represents a very exciting opportunity for our customers who wish to develop their weight management products with satiety enhancing and appetite reduction qualities. Our customers applying Litesse to their own brands can now help consumers reduce their caloric consumption and help them meet their weight-management goals.”

Tetra Pak introduces fully renewable package

Tetra Pak, Inc., Denton, Texas, has produced the first fully renewable gable-top package in the United States. Tetra Pak Gable Top Bio-based packages are made from renewable materials and are developed from a combination of paperboard and sugar cane derived plastics.

Customers using Tetra Pak’s half-gallon gable top carton may transition to the new bio-based version with no additional investment or modification to existing filling machines.

“Environmental excellence is one of Tetra Pak’s strategic priorities and a driver of our product development activities,” said Carmen Becker, president and chief executive officer of Tetra Pak. “We’re proud to be the first to offer a fully renewable carton package to the U.S. market and believe that increasing the renewable content of our packages is not only good for the environment, but also offers our customers a competitive advantage.”

New cereal ferments may add modern benefits to artisan bread

Aromaferm, a new line of cereal ferments, helps commercial bakers create authentic, old-fashioned bread products with modern benefits, according to AB Mauri North America, based in St. Louis.

“Aromaferm delivers a fast-track solution for bread bakers of all sizes to help produce finished goods with more flavor and desired shelf life without the requirement of maintaining sourdough starters and other time-consuming activities,” said Barry Clayton, senior vice-president of global applications for St. Louis-based AB Mauri North America.

The initial roll-out of Aromaferm features one liquid and three “clean label” dry options designed to give bakers enhanced flavor, texture and shelf life in their products.

Wheat and malt ferment 110 provides mild and mellow fermentation flavor and is ideal for delivering flavor to straight dough. It is best suited for artisanal bread, baguettes, sandwich bread, pizza bases and soft and crispy rolls.

Durum ferment 110 also provides mild and mellow fermentation flavor. It is best suited for creating European artisanal white bread, rustic rolls, ciabatta and Italian baked goods.

Wheatgerm ferment 155 provides a rich and nutty wheat germ flavor, and it delivers rich brown spectacled crumb. A high impact sour flavoring makes wheatgerm ferment 155 ideal for whole grain and multigrain artisanal bread, baguettes, baguette rolls, mixed wheat bread, and rolls and ciabatta.

Liquid wheat and malt ferment 90 provides a high impact San Francisco-style flavor with increased bread acidity. It is suitable for San Francisco-style pre-fermented based products such as artisanal bread, baguettes, ciabatta and rustic rolls.

iTi Tropicals releases video highlighting innovation center

iTi Tropicals, Inc., Lawrenceville, N.J., has released a video highlighting the company’s innovation center. Available on the company’s web site, the 2-minute animation-style video explains the company’s food science capabilities and what to expect when visiting the iTi test kitchen in the company’s headquarters.

iTi Tropicals’ innovation center features the equipment needed to develop new applications for existing products and supply technical support resources. Visitors may develop new tropical fruit products, help with sensory capabilities to compare and measure taste differences and product preferences, and measure characteristics like pH, brix, turbidity, and color by spectrophotometer.

“Over the last 27 years, we have remained focused on our product line, while evolving as a company and continuing to add value for our customers,” said Gert van Manen, president and founder of iTi Tropicals. “Through our innovation center, we are part of the creative process in developing new product ideas and concepts for our customers. We have non-G.M.O., organic, and Fair Trade lines, but we believe there are other platforms we should provide our customers. We are constantly brainstorming, so stay tuned.”

Newly Weds adds to food safety product portfolio

Newly Weds Foods, Inc., Chicago, has added DefenStat to its IsoStat Products Group portfolio of food safety products. The clean label ingredient for raw meat and poultry protects against the three systemic failures leading to E. coli and Salmonella outbreaks. DefenStat inhibits pathogen proliferation throughout processing and distribution, reduces potential for cross-contamination, and enhances both E. coli and Salmonella’s susceptibility to heat.

DefenStat, which comes as a liquid, may be applied directly to ground products and whole muscle meats by marination. When added to uncooked meat and poultry, the antimicrobial ingredient inhibits E. coli and Salmonella growth without negatively impacting the flavor or product quality. DefenStat also has been recognized as Generally Recognized as Safe by the Food and Drug Administration.

Takasago acquires flavor maker

Takasago International, Tokyo, has acquired Centre Ingredient Technology, Rockingham, N.C. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Centre Ingredient Technology produces flavor and fragrance ingredients and is a supplier of specialty ingredients to the food and beverage industry. The ingredients manufactured by the company are produced using fermentation of natural raw materials, according to Centre Ingredient Technology.

“I am extremely pleased to welcome C.I.T. into the Takasago Group,” said Satoshi Masumura, president and chief executive officer of Takasago. “C.I.T. will become a very important partner that will enable Takasago to be more competitive in the natural ingredients field.

Eleven new Sethness products achieve Non-GMO Project Verification

Eleven more products from Sethness Products Co., Skokie, Ill., are now Non-GMO Project Verified. The newly verified products include seven caramel colors and caramelized sugar syrups in the Class I segment, one caramel color in the Class III segment, and three caramel colors in the Class IV segment.

“To address the growing trend for non-G.M.O. consumer products, Sethness has taken the initiative to have all qualified products receive Non-GMO Project Verification,” said Tom Schufreider, chief operating officer of Sethness. “As the leading expert in caramel colors, we believe that it’s only natural that we take this step to support our customers as they continue to develop clean label products.”