KANSAS CITY — Frozen foods are frontrunners among new product launches.

Mars, Inc. is pushing further into the frozen novelty category with new M&Ms Ice Cream Bars. The frozen desserts feature M&Ms milk chocolate candy pieces and reduced-fat vanilla ice cream surrounded by milk chocolate.

The Schwan Food Co. is expanding its Pagoda frozen wonton line and its Red Baron frozen pizza line. Honey Sesame Chicken Wontons and Korean BBQ Style Beef Wontons are joining the Pagoda lineup, while new chipotle chicken pizza is joining the Red Baron family.

Ajinomoto Windsor is launching a line of four new frozen entrees under its Tai Pei brand: Chicken fried rice, beef and broccoli, sweet and sour chicken and chicken chow mein.

Norpac Foods, Inc. is launching a new line of organic frozen vegetables under its Flav-R-Pac brand. The U.S.D.A certified organic line includes green beans, sweet corn, sweet peas and mixed vegetable products.

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