Todd Kletter, Tierra Farm
Todd Kletter has been named c.e.o. of Tierra Farm.

VALATIE, N.Y. — Todd Kletter has been promoted to chief executive officer of Tierra Farm, Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of certified organic food and coffee products. Mr. Kletter joined Tierra Farm as assistant director earlier this year.

During his time with the company, Mr. Kletter has introduced new product launch protocol, developed cost-to-market savings strategies and instituted company programs related to employee wellness. Additionally, he created a new supply chain management position that oversees all inbound and outbound product contracts and purchasing.

Gunther Fishgold, Tierra Farm
Gunther Fishgold, founder of Tierra Farm

“Todd has made significant contributions to Tierra Farm in just the short time he’s been with us,” said Gunther Fishgold, founder of Tierra Farm. “We’re certain that the strategies he’s put in place will continue to allow us to prosper in the organic food market. As one of the Farm’s ‘faces,’ we will look to him to take a larger role in the day-to-day workings of the Farm, but also in our big picture dealings.”

Before joining Tierra Farm, Mr. Kletter was managing partner at W.A. Packaging for five years, c.e.o. of the National Law Enforcement Supply for three years and president of National Graphic Supply for nine years.

“With more than two decades of experience leading top wholesale suppliers and manufacturers across niche industries, Mr. Kletter has made an immediate impact on Tierra Farm,” the company said.

Tierra Farm organic products
Tierra Farm specializes in the processing of certified organic nut, seed, dried fruit, coffee, tea and chocolate products.

In addition to Mr. Kletter’s promotion, Tierra Farm has added several new positions in its production and logistics departments. The company currently employs more than 50.

Tierra Farm generated more than $21 million in sales during the 2016 fiscal year through the sales of its more than 200 products, the company said. Tierra Farm saw an 11% increase in total production in 2016 and project another 15% increase by year’s end.