Wellshire Farms chicken nuggets
Wellshire Farms offers a variety of products, including chicken nuggets.

Meat options

Wellshire Farms offers customers and consumers various brands and flavors of sliced, whole and Italian deli meats. The company offers its Wellshire brand exclusively to Whole Foods Market because Mr. Colameco feels the grocer had a hand in helping Wellshire get to where it is today.

“I don’t have to be everything to everybody, but I want to be the right thing to the right people,” Mr. Colameco said. “With Wellshire, we buy about 90% of our raw materials through the Whole Foods buying group because they buy the whole animal. So, it helps balance the usage of raw materials.”

Aside from the Wellshire brand, the company sells its Garrett Valley brand to retail grocery stores specializing in healthier options such as Earth Fare, Ingles, Fresh Market and Sprouts.

“We buy from farmers that we’ve used for years, some may be Whole Foods approved, and some may not be, but we assure that they all meet our animal raising standard,” Mr. Colameco said.

Like all of the Wellshire brands, Garrett Valley products are free of added antibiotics, nitrates, nitrites and preservatives. The deli meats come from animals that are raised humanely and fed vegetarian diets. Wellshire also offers its Colameco’s Primo Naturale brand of dried Italian meats utilizing the same ethical standards for all of its processing and farming.

“We offer a wide variety of old world Italian items, all utilizing simple ingredients,” Mr. Colameco said. “We have pre-sliced, we have the whole chubs, we offer the whole gamut for dried Italian.”

In addition to its deli and lunch meat brands, Wellshire produces other items, such as various sausages, bacon and hot dogs under private label brands.